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Dewayne Carpenter

Luxury homes, Waterfront Homes and Condo specialist

With over twenty five years of experience and an impressive proven track record of success, Dewayne Carpenter knows the importance of staying on top of market trends and is well known for giving his clients valuable, analytical insight into the current real estate environment. Dewayne brings a unique combination of leadership, expertise, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to exceed his client’s expectations to every real estate transaction, no matter where the customer falls within the marketplace — top, mid, or entry-level.

He is a master at navigating the constantly changing market dynamics and understanding consumer behavior in addition to being a highly qualified and skilled negotiator dedicated to ensuring a successful transaction for his buyers and sellers. He has a thorough knowledge of why the Melbourne area translates to a perfect home base for busy professionals, active families, and avid travelers, and is proud to call Brevard County home.

Client Testimonials

What my clients and colleagues have to say about me.

My experience with Dewayne was first rate. His experience with market values and vast network of clients helped me find the exact property I was looking for. I have recommended him to many friends since and he has always made me glad I recommended him. Thorough and detail oriented.

Adrian Martinez

Over the course of five years , Dewayne patiently helped us find our next dream home, even with our specific and hard-to-find requirements. We appreciated DeWayne and his team's professionalism to answer our every question, to guide us for a very easy transaction, and to help us get premium price for our home. What's more, with DeWayne's savvy experience and skill set, we were able to purchase our new home at a comfortable price point and with an expedited closing. This was our second real estate transaction with DeWayne and his team. We have been exceptionally pleased each time and are grateful for his leadership Thank you, DeWayne and the whole Carpenter Kessel Team!

M&K Tinker

...their reputation precedes them, the pleasant surprise was that The Team had undergone forward-thinking marketing modifications to ensure the best outcome for ALL parties. Tactical in executing marketing methods, timelines, etc. that give the client and homeselling team the best advantage in the market. This requires care and concern for team members and clients--not just methodology. ON TIME, no excuses, timelines given, what to expect during process shared. Negotiation Skills, Kirk Kessel held the line with a full price offer and went a step beyond to secure a solid full-price back up offer. Dwayne Carpenter's keen eye remained steadfast with accurate response to maintaining price point. Of course, without a solid team in the background making the process seem seamless, they could not focus on what they do best--SELL!

Kim Hinton

From the moment we received a consultation we knew Carpenter Kessel were a fit for us. They were the first team to actually provide a detailed analysis of our homes worth based on the surrounding comps and the value we put into it. The listed our home for what they believed it would sell for. Within 10 days we had mutiple offers. Unfortunately the offer we excepted fell thru. They re-listed our home and within hours we had multiple showings and an offer. We closed promptly for close to our asking price. From list to close every interaction with the C & K team exceeded our expectations. They also kept us safe during COVID-19. Dewayne Clyde Carpenter and his team made the process as easy as possible. Lastly their marketing campaign is top notch!!! We've sold a lot of homes and have never received or experienced online marketing package like what they prepare. We can't thank them enough. Thank You.

Michelle Saunders

I highly recommend Kirk and Dwayne! They sold our house quickly and made the entire process very easy for us. They have an excellent team and a fantastic attention to detail.

Deidre Bohbot

After 4 Residential and 3 Commercial Transactions with Carpenter/ Kessel I’m a customer for life. I enjoy the pleasant professional experience and knowledge of the industry that sets this team apart. As a client I enjoy their above and beyond ability to make a client feel appreciated and special as they make certain that all needs and concerns are met. I also like the daily updates to make the process seamless and pleasant as you have information to soothe concerns that leave you without worry and confident that you are getting the best deal possible whether the buyer, or the seller. The attention to detail that this team offers is unmatched and very much appreciated. Again, I am grateful to have this team working on my behalf as a consistent client and know with great confidence that partnering with Carpenter/ Kessel that I have the best team working on my behalf. Cheers to much continued success to you and your team!

Digital Assets Daily

Outstanding by all standards , not only by Brevard county standards but state wide standards and national standards. Persistence, great knowledge, great advice. Dewayne and his team takes their job seriously , they believe in what they do. Phenomenal team

Zaki Elmaghraby

The Carpenter/Kessel Team is the most professional group in real estate that I have had the pleasure to work with in selling property. The team is divided up into specific areas with specific responsibility from listing to staging to video production to contract negotiations to closing coordination with Mr. Carpenter and Kessel's guidance over the entire process. The entire process is seamless; the entire staff is professional and responds quickly to inquiries both from prospective buyers and from me, the seller. Not even 24 hrs. after listing, I had several showings and an offer made within a day after listing. Impressive, I think!

Raplh John Miozzi

I can't say enough about our experience with the entire team at Carpenter/Kessel. Their knowledge and team approach made me feel confident and significantly lessened the amount of stress I typically feel when buying or selling. You cannot be placed in any better hands.

Heidi Sedaros

In the past eight years the Carpenter Kessel team spearheaded the sale of two of our homes and the purchase of one home. Their extensive experience in Brevard county was very helpful from the beginning. Their professionalism has always been outstanding. Their immediate responsiveness was amazing and very comforting to us as sellers and buyers. The entire process was well organized. All of their assistants were well informed and were excellent links between us and Carpenter Kessel. Their marketing was obviously very good for we had a large number of showings for our last home. In summation, we heartily recommend the Carpenter Kessel team and we would not hesitate to use their services in the future.

Robert Mandel


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